Anne-Marie - 70 years

“Since I practise Pilates with you, I’m feel better, my injuries decrease. I really feel the benefit and the importance on my body. I know it, because when I miss a classe, my body talk to me. And I really wanted to tell you this,  because I think we aren’t a lot to say when is good or not and the impact on us, our body. So, I wanted to tell you thank you to talk me about Pilates. Thanks of the classes, to Pilates method, to you, my injuries aren’t here anymore and for my lifestyle it’s just a real happiness. I learn about my body. THANKS !”

Pane e Vino customer - Brisbane

“I’d never been a big athlete but I tried to go 2 or 3 time at the swimming pool. For my first pregnancy, my 3 first months was just awful, I was weak, I couldn’t plan anything… I’m felt better at the 2nd trimester, and I start to walk and go to the swimming pool back.

I was tired during the last month. Some injuries on my low back and I stopped my job 2 months before to get my baby.

When I gave birth, my midwife told me to start the Pilates’ classes with my perineum re-education sessions at the same time to get strong back and stop my low back pain.

I received the authorisation to start again a physical activity. I’m wonder to practise Pilates postnatal’s classes.”

Sandrine - 40 years

” Thanks for those 18 months of biking’s classes. They help me to meet you and you are a beautiful person.”

Eliana - 27 years

“I found your email in my gym center.

Firstly, I would like to tell you thank you for whole your energy that you got it during your classes (Pilates, Stretching Postural, Biking, …). It’s a real pleasure to be there. I realise that you’re really close to your client. You are attentive, you looks like really nice, when I watch you you makes me happy and your conversation in the changing room are really serious. It’s really good from you (isn’t use to to see a teacher take care about the client). Well done, thanks of you, we are really great in our body and our mind. Keep going !

Thanks !”

Martine - 53 years

“2016, after 25 years without sport, I discovered the Pilates when I came in a fitness center close to mine. I didn’t hear about it, and I found this name really strange. It was a absolute revelation for me. At the end of the class, I’m feel peace. We learn back the sensation. We work on the concentration. Anyway, it’s a good feeling.

I will just tell one thing, I learnt thanks of Noémie, the real IMPORTANCE is the BREATH (we know that we know, but not at all).

She is young, but she has an awesome professionalism and  she is really implicated in her job.

Coach Noémie, energetic and always flat out with encouragement and kindness.”