A personal trainer next to you

From Coaching to Pilates, here is what I  have to offer you.

From home coach to gym center, private to small group, several possibilities for you.


Whether you are looking to surpass yourself beyond your limits or simply get out of your comfort zone and get yourself confidence back.

NL Coaching will help you achieve your goals. It is a bespoke method, adapted to you whatever your needs.

Contact me now to book your consultation we can do that over the phone, skype or face to face. The consultation will help me get to know you better as well the best course of action for you, in order to make

-Standard rate

-Variable rate depending on the time and number of sessions

-At home, outdoors or in the gym centers

°Private coaching : to help you set your goals, having a private coach close by is the success to improve step by step to become autonomous

°I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss this over coffee


Chose your offer here

Pilates Classes

I am offering different level of Pilates including kids, senior, prenatale, beginners, intermediate.
Small group of 6-8
Subscription to the session: 10$
Different price
At home or in a fitness center
In Nantes and its surburbs (Rezé, Saint Herblain, Vertou, Bouguenais, …)

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Specific Coaching

Private and individualized coaching according to the therapy (Pilates)
Personal assessment with decisive evaluation work’s areas and the exercises to do
Caring for (pathology, sports history, objectif)
Medical permission to do Post therapy Pilates
Training to follow to improve in the good way
In Nantes and the conurbation (Rezé, Saint Herblain, Vertou, Bouguenais, …)

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Personal final assessment tailored to fit your needs completely
Standard rate
Variable rate depending on time, number of sessions
At home, outdoor session, fitnesscenter, at work
In Nantes and its surburbs(Rezé, Saint Herblain, Vertou, Bouguenais, …)
Also available online if you live in internationally

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